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Why come to MIHM

Reason in joining to Innovative
Healthcare Management

The Master of Science Program in Innovative Healthcare Management (MIHM) (International Program) is designed to develop the capability of students in healthcare management at the global level based on profound health-related concepts, healthcare service system and operational mechanisms, as well as managerial concepts so that they can obtain a systemic vision of, and perspective on the foundation of utilizing empirical knowledge in relation to health systems, health policies, laws, healthcare ethics and healthcare management research. It is designed so as to enable the students to gain access to the global context and current technological advances which will give rise to the continuous improvement of quality, sustainable healthcare management. The conceptual framework of The Master of Science Program in Innovative Healthcare Management (MIHM) (International Program) is presented in Diagram

Our faculty

Asst.Prof. Chatnarin Metheekul, M.D.

Board/Diplomate (Family Medicine), The Royal College of Thai Family Physicians, 2005

Our curriculum

The Master of Science Program in Innovative Healthcare Management (MIHM) curriculum is based on a core set of skills and knowledge areas that are highlighted in the diagram beside.

The Learning Environment

The Program works on the basis that learning occurs in many different ways.  The program uses a blended approach that incorporates a wide range of teaching techniques:

  • lectures
  • seminars
  • case studies
  • local and international field trips
  • group process
  • self-paced and individual study
What make us different

Our Graduates

Our graduates have been exposed to a wide range of learning opportunities which have provided them with the following skills and knowledge :

  • Critical thinking
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Innovative service design
  • Unique approach to creative and innovative
  • Strong blend of creativity & structured analysis
  • Keen understanding of how to behave responsibly and sustainability in all aspects of Innovative Healthcare Management.